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Face Masks for Bearded Men

4.7/5 (167 Reviews)

Free shipping – (Delivery 3-5 days)

Face Masks for Bearded Men

4.7/5 (167 Reviews)

Free shipping – (Delivery 3-5 days)

Keeps Your Beard Free of Waves and Dents

No More Fixing Your Beard Throughout the Day

Look and Feel Confident

Join over Hundreds other bearded men

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Derek Adams
Great mask

Not here to sell product just want to say that this mask is everything they claim it is. Shipping time was reasonable. Iā€™d buy another

richard dusek
simple and well-made

very comfortable, but maybe leaks around lower face and chin

Adam Howe
Great mask for us Bearded Brothers!

This is a great mask for us Bearded folks! It is lighter than some of the other cloth masks I have used, and it keeps my goatee nice and Un-Dented šŸ˜›

I would strongly recommend picking this up if you are tired of having the kink in your beard!

Bear L
This mask cures my "mask beard"!

I have used other masks and always suffered from "mask beard". This mask is comfortable to wear and does not leave my beard looking crumpled and mussed. Love it!

Mike Fernandez
Great masks

Great quality masks. Adjustable ear loops. Very comfortable. Best of all no beard dents.

Jack Scrimshire Beard Mask | JC Grooming

Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Our Face Masks

āœ”ļø Handcrafted with a high-quality soft cotton outer layer & moisture-wicking mesh interior layer
āœ”ļø Breathable material passes the candle test
āœ”ļø Looks great and neutral colors match any outfit
āœ”ļø Sturdy adjustable nose wire ensures a tight fit keeps glasses clear
āœ”ļø Adjustable ear loops for a custom fit
āœ”ļø "Beard Pocket" allows you to store your beard to keep it away from the elements (9" variant only).
āœ”ļø Center seam keeps the mask from collapsing into your mouth while talking Superior comfort throughout the whole day