Beard Balm Variety Kit

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This beard balm variety kit encompasses our triumvirate of signature scents; Komorebi, Neutro, Trouvaille, and Zephyr, because sometimes a gentleman shouldn’t have to choose. With our proprietary small-batch process and specially formulated blend, it’s time to give your beard the bespoke luxury it deserves. For a limited time, you can also pick up the full set of our seasonal scents as well.

  • 6 months’ worth of beautiful balms
  • A velvety, melt-in-your-palm texture
  • High concentrations of organic jojoba oil and shea butter
  • Only the finest natural ingredients
  • Easy and intuitive to use

Key Benefits

  • Holds your beard in place for 12 hours
  • Controls fly-aways and works out kinks & dents
  • A velvety, melt-in-your-palm texture
  • High concentrations of organic jojoba oil and shea butter
  • Only the finest natural ingredients
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Free Guitar Pick included to scoop balm out of the jar

Fast 3-4 Day US Shipping

2 oz lasts 2-3 months | Free Returns & Exchanges for 30 Days

2 oz lasts 2-3 months
Free Returns & Exchanges for 30 Days


Our Mission

To Provide Honest, Intentional Grooming Products and Help Men Grow Into Their Best Selves

Why JC Grooming?

Naturally Better

We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients available to us. That's why we opt for Organic wherever possible and use only Cold-Pressed Carrier Oils.

Honest Fragrances

Our unique fragrances are made using only Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Say goodbye to fragrance oils, synthetics and chemical compounds.

Intentional Ingredients

Every product we formulate is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, aluminum, mineral oils, GMOs, gluten, silicone, synthetic fragrances, artificial anything and is always cruelty-free.

For All Hair Types

Our products are designed for everyone, no matter the age, hair color, hair type, or ethnicity. We formulated our recipes to be inclusive of the needs of any of our customers.

How it Works

Beard balm is formulated to style your beard and keep it conditioned. It will help moisturize the hairs and protect them from drying out which helps repair breakage and prevent falling out.

Watch the video to learn more about beard balm and how to use it from our founder, Jack.

How to Use

Scoop Product with Included Guitar Pick

Rub Palms Together to Melt

Apply from the Roots to the Tips

Comb & Brush into Hair and Skin

Scoop Product with Included Guitar Pick

Rub Palms Together to Melt

Apply from the Roots to the Tips

Comb & Brush into Hair and Skin


Organic White Beeswax

Locks in moisture, smooths down fly-aways, promotes easier styling, and encourages the growth of new hair. Beeswax is antibacterial, and helps lock water molecules in the skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is filled with Vitamins A and E as well as Essential Fatty acids. It moisturizes the skin and hair, and even has healing properties for damaged and irritated skin and hair.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Soothes dry skin, fights acne & flaking, and promotes hair thickness & growth. High in vitamin E, it promotes skin moisturization and the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Organic Argan Oil

Adds moisture to hair and skin, cleanses skin, and conditions hair. Helps to soothe itchy skin, prevent heat damage, and adds a healthy shine to the hair, while promoting growth and strength.

Organic Amla Oil

Strengthens and conditions hair, fights against flaking and dryness, and prevents hair loss. Also known to prevent greying and increase hair growth activity.

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Our essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, which means they offer a wide array of aromatherapeutic benefits and are 100% natural. No chemicals, fillers or synthetics.

Our Fragrances


Komorebi is made with peppermint, tea tree, and sweet orange. We formulated this blend to be crisp, fresh, and clean smelling.


Trouvaille is our most masculine, earthy fragrance. It is made with cedarwood and frankincense oils to give it a nice deep woodsy scent.


Zephyr is made with cedarwood and lemongrass. It is masculine, earthy and sweet to enlighten and uplift throughout the day.


Neutro is pure and untouched. There is no fragrance added, only the neutral scent of the carrier oils themselves.

Fiori (Spring Seasonal)

Fiori is a seasonal scent available from March 20 - June 19. Fiori smells like fresh spring lavender, bright lemon and refreshing mint.

Zommer (Summer Seasonal)

Zommer is a seasonal scent available from June 20 - September 19. It is a bright, cheery scent made with grapefruit, key lime, orange, bergamot, and peppermint.

Declive (Fall Seasonal)

Declive is a seasonal scent available from September 20 - December 19. It's a classic fall scent made with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and sweet orange.

Apricity (Winter Seasonal)

Apricity is a seasonal scent available from December 20 - March 19. It's a warming, envigorating scent made with cinnamon, patchouli and peppermint.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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It has been 25 days and the order hasn’t arrived yet.

Bryan Logue

Beard Balm Variety Kit

Great variety

Glad I grabbed the e pack the balms are deceptively strong though in jar easy to break down in the palm and lasts all day. Very nice light scents as well good all around thanks KC grooming. Would one day really like to see a purely unscented version.

John Jones
Beard Balm Variety Kit

These are some of the best balms I have used so far. They are strong and perfect for shaping and holding the untamed beard in place. I can’t stand beard balms that are more like a butter than a balm. Thank you JC Grooming!

Tyler Lyons

i got the variety pack, as Far as quamity. the Balm is super strong and natural, honestly probably the strongest balm i have tried. i am still getting to know the scent profiles, they are unique and mild (which is good) And leaves my beard soft, conditioned, and looking good!

Frequently Asked Questions

With the back of your fingernail or the included guitar pick, scoop out a pea-sized amount, rub between your palms, and generously apply throughout your beard from the roots to the tips. Follow up with a beard brush or beard comb to distribute evenly and massage into your skin.

The best time to use a beard balm is about 5 mins after you apply beard oil in the morning. Giving the oil a few minutes to soak in will ensure that the balm’s hold is as strong as possible, and will help trap in the beard oil for all day deep conditioning.

We typically get orders out within 1-2 business days. We also offer USPS First Class shipping. Most orders arrive with 5 days of purchase.

No problem at all! We always offer free returns and exchanges, no questions asked, for 30 days from purchase. If you want to try a new scent, we’ll pay for you to ship it back and we’ll send out a new one free of charge.

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