Black Walnut Beard Brush

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JC’s Walnut Beard Brush will have your beard looking and feeling better than ever. Our brush is made with medium-firm to glide effortlessly through your beard with no snags or tears, helping to straighten, style, and train hairs. This brush is made of 100% Black Walnut, a hard, durable wood that will hold up to wear and tear. Leave it in the medicine cabinet or take it with you everywhere, it’ll hold up to whatever you throw at it. This brush is made from the highest quality materials available and every detail is accounted for, which means you’ll never try a brush quite like this.

  • Shapes and styles your beard with ease
  • Premium quality materials make these last a lifetime
  • A luxurious look and feel will make these stand out in any collection.
  • Easy and intuitive to use

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At JC Grooming we pride ourselves on producing high-quality products that work with your body, not against it. Our beard products are designed to nourish, moisturize, style, and care for your beard in a natural way.  Say goodbye to a dried out, unhealthy beard and say hello to the healthy, soft, itch-free beard of your dreams.

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