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mint, peppermint, herbs
Peppermint, Tea Tree & Orange


Komorebi was developed looking for something natural, fresh, and clean smelling. It is comprised of fragrances of peppermint, tea tree, and sweet orange. In our experience as bearded gentlemen, we’ve found that many tea tree blends are overpowering and sharp on the nose. We formulated this blend to be gentle, fresh and clean smelling. For those gentlemen looking for a scent that is clean, envigorating, and fresh, Komorebi is the one for you.

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Cedarwood & Frankincense


Trouvaille is our most masculine, earthy fragrance. It is made with cedarwood and frankincense oils to give it a nice deep woodsy scent. This scent was developed with the hopes of creating something reminiscent of walking in the wilderness and encountering something truly beautiful you can only find in nature. If you’re a gentleman that enjoys the feeling of being alone in nature and appreciating the world’s natural beauty, or you simply are looking for a deep, masculine scent, this is the scent for you.

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Cedarwood & Lemongrass


This scent was developed with the feeling of strolling on a soft sandy beach in the early summertime. It has a beautiful base note of cedarwood with a top note of lemongrass. This gives is a soft, fresh, citrus scent with a nice deep wood fragrance reminiscent of driftwood on a white sanded beach. For those looking for a fresh scent to enlighten and uplift throughout the day, look no further.

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paper, crease, creased


Neutro is a scent for the guys who want a no-fuss, no frills beard care experience. Nothing but pure moisturizing goodness. Neutro pairs well with your favorite oils, balms, butters and anything else you use. This is the easy way to use JC Grooming any time, anywhere without worrying about clashing with other products or scents you want to wear.

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cinnamon, spices, bark
Cinnamon, Peppermint & Patchouli


Apricity is a seasonal scent available from December 1 - February 28 each year. Apricity was formulated to smell like the holidays at grandma's house - the fresh baked cinnamon cookies, deep aromas of earthy patchouli and the fresh, biting peppermint smell of the cold winter weather. this scent will both warm you up and cool you down while bringing you back to warm memories with the family.

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lavender, lavender flowers, purple
Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint


Fiori is a seasonal scent available from March 1 - May 31 each year. Fiori smells like fresh spring flowers, bright citrus and refreshing mint. Wake up your senses and get ready for the freshness of spring with Fiori. If you're the kind of guy that likes a smooth subtle scent that will soothe your mind and senses throughout the day, Fiori is the one for you.

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Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot & Peppermint


Zommer is a seasonal scent available from June 1 - August 31 each year. Zommer is designed to bring you right into summer with the smells of fresh citrus. It's light, bright and refreshing and feels like you're standing right in the morning summer sun sipping on an ice cold glass of OJ. This blend is for any guy that enjoys the fruitier, citrus based scents and wants to be transported to summer any time of the year.

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Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Orange


Declive is a seasonal scent available from September 1 - November 30 each year. Declive is a Spanish word for "a fall" or "slope". As we make our way into the fall season we were inspired by the falling of leaves and that slow steady slope into cooler weather, shorter days and the turning of the trees. Declive is a scent that captures all of those familiar fragrances of fall: baking with your grandma, the smell of the leaves on that crisp breeze and of course, pumpkin pie spice.

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