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To provide honest, intentional grooming products and help you become a Better Man

Hi there. My name is Jack Scrimshire, and I’m the founder of JC Grooming. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m well aware that a gentleman shouldn’t talk about himself too much, but there are a few things you should know about how JC Grooming came to be, so please indulge me for a few moments.

I started growing a beard in 2014. It was unruly, dry and tangled. To be frank, it was a nuisance. You’re probably in the same, unhappy boat, right? Just like you, I turned to beard care products to get it under control.

But whilst your beard care journey is about to come to a very happy end, mine was only just beginning. I waded through pools of oils that would leave my beard scratchy and scentless. I shoveled through balms that wouldn’t hold. I trudged through butters that were greasy and full of nasty chemicals. Sound familiar?

After 2 years of fruitless searching for the perfect beard care range, I decided to build one myself. Thus, in 2016, JC Grooming opened its doors. Put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of something warming and relax. Your search is over now, too.

Welcome to handcrafted, organic, 100% natural products.

Welcome to beard care that actually works.

Welcome to JC Grooming. Make yourself at home.

Jack Scrimshire
JC Grooming

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