Our Fragrances


English - A soft gentle breeze

This scent was developed with the feeling of strolling on a soft sandy beach in the early summertime. It has a beautiful base note of cedarwood with a top note of lemongrass. This gives is a soft, fresh, citrus scent with a nice deep wood fragrance reminiscent of driftwood on a white sanded beach. For those looking for a fresh scent to enlighten and uplift throughout the day, look no further. Jump to our Zephyr Collection to see how Zephyr can fit into your grooming routine.


Japanese - The sunlight flickering through the trees

Komorebi was developed looking for something natural, fresh, and clean smelling. It is comprised of fragrances of peppermint, tea tree, and sweet orange. In our experience as bearded gentlemen, we’ve found that many tea tree blends are overpowering and sharp on the nose. We formulated this blend to be gentle, fresh and clean smelling. For those gentlemen looking for a scent that is clean, envigorating, and fresh, Komorebi is the one for you. Jump to our Komorebi Collection to see how Komeorebi can fit into your grooming routine.


French - A chance encounter with something beautiful

Trouvaille is our most masculine, earthy fragrance. It is made with cedarwood and frankincense oils to give it a nice deep woodsy scent. This scent was developed with the hopes of creating something reminiscent of walking in the wilderness and encountering something truly beautiful you can only find in nature. If you’re a gentleman that enjoys the feeling of being alone in nature and appreciating the world’s natural beauty, or you simply are looking for a deep, masculine scent, this is the scent for you. Jump to our Trouvaille Collection to see how Trouvaille can fit into your grooming routine.