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What does Beard Butter do?

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Beard Butter falls in the middle of oils and balms. It provides benefits from each one, so most opt for a grooming routine using only oils and balms. Butter is an important part of any grooming routine however, so today we are going to have a look at what butter is, and the benefits that come with it.

All of the JC Grooming butter range contains 4 types of ingredient. These are:

Solid Fats – This is the base of any balm or butter and is what gives it a consistency perfect to absorb into the hair follicle and give hold.
Carrier Oils – This moisturizes the balm, and gives it the texture to be spread and enveloped by your facial hair.
Wax – Let you control your beard shape.
Essential Oils – Add nourishment and provide the scent.

With so many combinations, there are countless ways to make a beard butters. All of JC Groomings butters contain 100% natural, organic products that were hand-selected after tireless research and testing. 

Prevent “beardruff”

One of the most common and pervasive problems we have all dealt with is beardruff. This is where your skin is too dry and starts to flake. The same way your head hair needs moisturizing, so does your beard. In many cases more so, as your beard takes the brunt of cold temperature and winds.

The most straight-forward way to prevent this is to use beard butter. It deeply moisturizes your beard and the layers of skin underneath.

The natural beeswax in the JC Grooming beard butters create a protective layer around your facial hair, that prevents moisture from escaping and shields your skin from drying out in the wind.

Stops Itchy Beards

Like beardruff, its pretty much a guarantee you will get bouts of itchiness, particularly if your beard is still growing in. Beard oil is a sure-fire way to ease that sensation, and beard butter is the perfect partner to fortify that nourishment and make sure you aren’t scratching your skin raw.

Protects from the cold

Using a good butter in the morning is like wrapping up your beard in a coat when you are outside. Humidity, cold wind, sun, UV Rays and all of the elements can wreck havoc with your beard, stripping it of moisture, protein and making it look dry and scraggly.

Applying butter acts like a shield. The combination of beeswax and carrier oils protect each hair follicle and protects against dirt and dust. The added moisture locks in shape and prevents the hair tangling and falling out.

 Volume and Shape

Just like using hair products, beard butter gives your beard volume and lets you shape your beard into the style you want. The solid fats, carrier oils and waxes add a depth and thickness to your hair and keep it growing in the right directions. This is best right after your shower, as the moisture is locked in.


Of course a good beard wax is the best to give your beard a strong, defined shape all day long but many of us swear by a combination of wax and balm for the best styling effect. The mixture of moisture and rigidity gives your beard or mustache a firm hold, while also looking natural and soft.


The fats, carrier oils, waxes and essential oils do nothing but amazing things for your facial hair. Making it healthier on the inside and out. The boost to the color and vibrancy of your beard is noticeable instantly, along with smelling fantastic.

I hope you have learned some insights on how beard balm works and how it can work for your mane. It truly is a must-have in any grooming routine. At JC Grooming we have perfected our 3 signature scents into balm form – Zephyr, Trouvaille and Komorebi. 

To see how you use beard butter, we made a no-nonsense video on how.

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