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Best Beard Styles for 2021: What’s Still Trendy in the New Year?

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Creating the best combination of stache and beard can be a bit tricky depending on the shape of your face or your ultimate beard goals. However, choosing a beard style that best suits you, your lifestyle, or your mate is not entirely impossible. Sure, with the effects of beard face masks and the pandemic, you may wonder if your beard style choices are even on par with where you are trying to go with rocking a healthy beard. 

If any of these things have you rubbing the hairs on your chinny chin chin, you have nothing to worry about. You should rest assured that there is more than one way to style a beard that leaves you feeling more than confident in the skin that lives beneath it. 

Scruffy Beard Style

The scruffy beard is an easy-to-manage beard style that permits guys with thicker but shorter beards to wear this beard for any occasion. The scruffy style is a bit wild and often mimics a shaggy presentation. It is often the period that takes place during the early stages of beard growth. For some guys, it’s just their natural beard state of being. Of course, a bit of beard oil and beard balm will give this beard a bit of vibrancy and promote the space for control. 

Best Beard Styles

The Goatee Beard 

A clean-cut goatee never goes out of fashion. This style is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets for men struggling to grow a full beard or are not quite ready to commit to the full-face beard. Unfortunately, you must have the face or head shape to pull this one off. Guys with long faces or even round faces are best-suited for this one.

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Corporate Beards

For those of you who still have to make an appearance in the office place or remotely via camera, maintaining a professional appearance is always in fashion for 2021. The corporate beard is fairly close cut. It’s trimmed to perfection, meaning split-ends and wayward hairs are barely detectable, if at all. Your beard grooming regimen is all about perfection. The corporate beard will keep you feeling and looking professional, but the good news is you can wear this style in any setting.

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Beardstaches are sitting in the list of top five beard styles this year. Beardstaches are the equivalent of a beard in which the mustache is prominent, generally longer, and, in many instances, thicker than the beard. 

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For the guy who is comfortable in his stubble and capable of maintaining shape and this texture, a stubble beard is an option for 2021. You can shape a stubble beard on your face for the long-term or early on your beard growth journey. Maintaining a stubble look, however, will require some commitment on your part. You will have to trim those edges and even create the illusion of a fade. Of course, there is always the risk of beard itch. Make sure to include a beard oil that helps you to keep that beard itch under control. 

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Natural Gray Highlights?

There is no need to hide those natural gray hairs with the likes of Just for Men. Let those gray strands push through and give testimony to your wisdom and use them to provide a bit of dimension and dynamics to the layers of hair on your chin. 

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper is another fair method for allowing those gray hairs to populate the base of your beard. A lot of guys are afraid of this look but according to most women and men alike, the added sense of wisdom that comes with some grays far outweigh any negative effects of looking a little older. Once again, do not be afraid of this look. Use it to your advantage to enhance the appears of your beard. Believe it or not, guys are dying their beard to achieve this look. Why not take advantage of what nature is giving you?

A beard brush, comb, and beard oil are all you need to make this look your own in 2021. Gray hairs (salt) may require a bit more attention than those darker (pepper) hairs on your face. Remember to keep those hairs moisturized. 

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Full Beard

Full beards are on point for 2021. They seem to look really good on guys with long or oval faces. For guys seeking to create the illusion of a thinner face, full beards can definitely help deliver angles where none currently exist. Unlike some of the other beard styles, the full beard is all about time and of course a few other best practices. Diet, exercise, rest, and grooming habits all feed into a full beard’s quality and thickness. 

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Beard Fade

Fade beards are among the top beard trends for 2021. Fade beards, much like the corporate look, is all about clean lines that are complementary to the jawline. It is carefully sculpted and requires a fair amount of maintenance. You will need a trim to achieve and sustain this look.  Ideally, you are not only seeking to define your sideburns and jawline, but you have to invest a bit of time into your neckline as well. 

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Full-Face Beard

At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with a thick beard. Thick beards appear to envelop the face, once again adding dimension, shape, and an air of mystery. 

In Closing

In summary, 2021 demonstrates that your options for a great beard style are endless despite everything happening in the world. While choosing the best beard style for your face shape is an essential part of the process, you should be happy to know that with a few tricks and the best beard care products at your disposal, you can make just about any beard style work for you.

Whether your style is short or long, make every effort to follow the beard care maintenance rules. Wash your beard regularly. Moisturize your skin and beard with a trustworthy beard oil. If you have a longer beard, consider using a beard balm and brush to style and gain control of flyaway beard hairs. 

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