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How to Deal with a Patchy Beard ? – 6 Ways to Deal with a Patchy Beard

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Ever since the full beard came back in style, many men’s biggest concerns is, “my beard is patchy. How do I fix it?” If you’ve ever spent any time on beard forums, or the any of the multitude of beard subreddits, you’ll know just how common this is. Gentlemen, I can’t speed up puberty or correct genetic beard flaws, but I can help you fight those obstacles with some tips, tricks and tools to help you hide your patches and put your best beard forward.

Grow It Out

Now I know this seems like an obvious solution, and it’s probably not what you came here to read. But growing it out truly does fill in patches. The longer hair lays over the exposed skin making your beard look fuller and more connected. This is especially useful if you have patches on your lower cheeks at the corner of your mouth or if you have a disconnected moustache from your goatee area.

Use Quality Beard Oil

Using a quality, natural beard oil will make your beard grow stronger, thicker, healthier hairs. While beard oil won’t necessarily make your beard grow any faster or darker, and while it certainly won’t make your beard grow in places it wasn’t before, it will make each hair slightly thicker and healthier, which will create a more full look. Growing thicker hairs avoids the look of a patchy, wiry beard.

Use Quality Beard Balm

For those of you gentlemen that sport a longer beard, beard balm is a huge tool in making your beard look fuller and have more coverage. Beard balm gives a straightened, full look to your beard which makes it appear bushier and more full without much effort. You can also use it to shape your beard better and help guide your hairs to lay over patchy areas rather than stick straight out to the sides. A high quality, natural beard balm will also give the same benefits of thicker, healthier hairs which will add to your fuller look.

Brush or Comb Your Beard

If your beard is long enough to be combed or brushed, you can also utilize these tools to help make your beard less patchy. Frequent brushing and combing massages the skin underneath, distributes beard oils to the surface of your skin and into your hair follicles, and helps lay the hairs flat against your face, allowing healthier, thicker growth, better coverage, and even stimulated growth.

Using Supplements

Finally I wanted to discuss supplements. JC Grooming is committed to providing accurate information to our customers, and from our experience, supplements do not work as they are advertised. Many beard supplements are not approved by the FDA and are typically offered as a high priced way to exploit the mass problem many bearded men face. If you are persistent and would like to do whatever it takes to grow a fuller beard, we recommend buying a natural, FDA-approved biotin supplement from a reputable nutrition store. Biotin has many benefits for your skin, hair and nails, so it wouldn’t hurt even if it doesn’t fix your patchy beard. If you’re committed to trying a beard supplement, understand that the good ones are essentially a mix of different vitamins that will promote healthier growth, but will not fix your patches any better than using a quality beard oil will. 

Just Rock It

While many people see a patchy beard as a problem, it should really be viewed as an opportunity. Many men with “patchy” or disconnected beards rock them better than they’d rock a full beard. Think about Johnny Depp, James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Zac Efron. They all sport a patchy beard and look great while doing it.

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