Jack Scrimshire

Jack Scrimshire

The Journey of JC Grooming: A Tale of Passion, Pause, and a Promising Future

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Hey there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You might have been wondering what happened to JC Grooming and why we’ve been so quiet for the last two years. Well, grab a snack, get comfy, and let me tell you all about our little adventure.

Back in November 2021, we started a brand new project called Smokeshow Cocktail Smokers. It was something we were super excited about. And guess what? It turned out to be a massive hit from the very start! People loved it so much that we could hardly believe it.

Now, here’s the thing. Our team was just two people at the time. Yup, you heard that right. Just two of us trying to juggle everything. With Smokeshow getting so popular, we had to make a tough choice. We decided to put all our energy and time into making Smokeshow even better. That meant we had to press the pause button on JC Grooming for a bit.

But guess what? We’re back, and we’re super excited to tell you that JC Grooming is making a big comeback!

You might be wondering, “What’s going to be new with JC Grooming?” Well, for starters, all our beard products are coming back, and they’re just as awesome as you remember them. But that’s not all. We’ve got a bunch of changes and cool stuff coming to the brand in the next few months. We’re talking new looks, new products, and lots of surprises that we can’t wait to share with you!

For now, we’re thrilled to let you know that all of our products are back in stock. And here’s the best part – we’re offering them at the lowest prices we’ve ever had. It’s our way of saying thank you for being patient and sticking with us.

We know it’s been a long wait, but we promise it’s going to be worth it. We’ve got big plans, and we’re just getting started. So, keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting updates we’ve got in store for you.

Thanks for being the best part of JC Grooming. We’re so grateful for your support and can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey together. Let’s make it awesome!

– Jack S & Paul G

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