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The 2021 Ultimate Beard Care Guide

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Growing a beard has likely challenged you to re-think your hygiene and grooming habits. Who would have thought that the hairs sprouting from your face would cause such a stir in the realm of skincare and beard maintenance habits? No matter where you are in your beard trek, finding the best beard care products for beards that boost quality and support your skincare efforts is not an easy task.

By now, you have probably seen dozens of beard care products in the marketplace that promise to deliver exceptional results. Beard shampoo, beard balm, and beard butter are classic examples of beard care products with specific purposes. Understanding which product will best fulfill your needs is crucial for caring for and growing a magnificent beard.

This article will discuss a few priority products that should be a part of the steps you take to care of your beard. 

Beard Shampoo

Proper beard care begins with your beard cleansing techniques and, yes, the use of good beard shampoo. Also known as beard wash, beard shampoos are vital for the beard care regimen. Although you may not need to cleanse your beard every day, unless you are incredibly active or spend a lot of time working outdoors, you will want to have a beard shampoo on hand. 

Using a regular hair shampoo on your face is not ideal. Hair shampoos can be irritating to your skin and rob your beard of their natural beard oils. Beard shampoos are better for your face because they contain a formula designed to cleanse your skin and face without doing harm.

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

Ultimate Beard Care Guide

Beard Conditioner 

Washing your beard every day could prove a bit harsh for your skin and beard. Excessive washing can dry your skin and beard, leading to beard itch and beardruff. At a minimum, you will want to aim for a good beard cleansing that takes place two to three times a week, depending on how your beard and skin respond to the process.

Having a clean beard is just the first step in the beard care regimen. The following beard care product that should have a place in your beard care product arsenal is beard conditioner. A quality beard conditioner is a vital component of beard maintenance. Beard conditioners are a fantastic product for treating and softening a rough or wiry beard. Much like the hair on your head, a beard sometimes needs a bit of help with retaining moisture. Beard conditioners help create another avenue for improving the state of affairs on your face.

Other benefits of using a beard conditioner include:

  • Prevents and heals skin irritation
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Improves manageability and styling efforts
  • Enhances the thickness and fullness of your beard
  • Boosts elasticity (keeps the hair flexibility)

In addition to a standard beard conditioner that might be a part of beard shampoo and beard conditioner package, beard conditioning agents are available in the form of beard balms and beard butter

Beard Oil

The most popular beard care product in the beard care game is beard oil. Beard oil is the main ingredient in any beard care regimen. These oils act as a supplement to your natural sebum oils, serving as a moisturizer and healing agent for your beard and skin. Beard oils help to prevent and treat familiar beard challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Beardruff (Beard dandruff)
  • Beard itch
  • Skin irritation and inflammation
  • Growth rate
  • Fresh scent

How to Use Beard Oil

You should apply beard oil to your beard after washing it. Of course, try to avoid using this solution on a wet beard. Ensure that your beard is as close to dry as it can be before using the oil. Pour a dime-size amount of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together so that the oil covers your hands and fingertips. 

Massage the oil into your beard, starting at the base of your beard and working it through to the ends. Next, use a beard brush and comb to distribute the oil and style your beard evenly. 

Beard Balm

What is beard balm exactly? Beard balm consists of a specialized formula that is typically comprised of four key ingredients, including:

  • Carrier oils
  • Beeswax 
  • Shea Butter
  • Essential oils

These ingredients are incredibly effective for:

  • Growing a thicker beard
  • Preventing bouts of beardruff 
  • Relieving an itchy beard
  • Moisturizing dry beards
  • Styling, shaping, and molding your beard just the way you like!

How to Use Beard Balm

To achieve the best results, apply a high-quality beard balm like JC Grooming’s Beard Balm after cleaning your beard wash and using your beard oil, scrape a dime-size amount of beard balm out of the container, and place it in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together until the friction and heat of your hands melt the balm. Spread the product over your and fingers, then strategically massage it into your mustache and beard. Once you complete this step, use a beard comb to distribute the product. 

Beard Butter

Beard butter and beard balm share similar characteristics, but they are not the same product. Both are quite useful for styling and shaping your beard. The ingredients of these two products tend to be the distinguishing factor. Beard balm’s beeswax can be heavy if you are not careful and weigh your beard down. This side effect is great for guys with shorter beards, who might require a bit more support in the area of shaping and taming their beards.

Beard butter mainly consists of a shea butter formula that allows your beard to absorb this product. This creates the perfect environment for deep conditioning. There are different formulas and consistencies of beard butter. Some products are smoother, and others can have more of a rough or grittier texture. Therefore, you may find the need to use more or less to achieve the look you are gunning for with this experience.  No matter the product’s consistency or your beard’s length, beard butter is excellent for beards that only require a light hold.

How to Apply Beard Butter

You will follow the same process as applying your beard balm. Use your finger to scrape out a dime-size amount of your beard butter. Melt it down by rubbing this product between the palms of your hand. Spread it out over your hands and palms and get to work massaging the product over your mustache and throughout your beard. 

Trimming Your Beard

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Beard scissors are helpful at the beginning of your beard journey because they can support your effort to tame a few split ends that can emerge during the early phases of the process. They are excellent for touch-up activity and precision. Let’s face it; precision is a must-have asset when dealing with stray hairs. 

Beard trimming does not have to be anything drastic in nature. Think of it as a way of keeping things nice and neat and in check. After all, that wiry, worn, shabby look is not all it’s chalked up to be. 

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

How often should you trim your beard? It’s a fair question for guys who may not be looking to interrupt their beard growth or length. Again, trim as needed to keep things in control. For guys looking to grow the lengthier variety of a beard, aim for every six to eight weeks. If you more of a maintenance guy, not really seeking any additional length, you should target every three to four weeks as a standard. 

Beard Comb

Wooden beard combs are a quintessential member of the beard grooming kit. Why should you not use a plastic comb in your beard? Plastic combs are a “no-go” in the land of beard care. Plastic combs have a reputation for magnetizing your beard, which can leave it susceptible to breakage.  Another advantage of using a wooden comb is the much-needed action of evenly distributing your natural sebum oils and the products you use throughout your beard. 

Finally, wooden combs are a great natural exfoliant that helps to increase blood flow to the region below your skin, stimulating those beard follicles to continue producing healthy facial hairs. Wooden beard combs are gentle enough that they will not harm your skin the same manner as a plastic or metal comb might. 

Beard Brush

Beard brushes offer a multitude of benefits beyond styling your beard. Beard brushes help stimulate sebum oil production and improve your beard’s overall texture with regular use. Sebum oil, or the natural oils of your skin, is an excellent, natural source of nutrients that can help to naturally moisturize your beard. 

Beard brushes can help you quickly rid your skin and beard of dirt and debris that might clog your pores. Dirt and debris on the skin can lead to beard acne and other skin irritation forms that interrupt the beard growth cycle. 

Selecting a Beard Brush

Choosing a beard brush does not have to be a difficult task. You should know that the two top-tier types of beard brushes are boar bristle brushes and horsehair brushes. These brushes contain natural hair bristles that help pick up sebum oils (skin oil) and beard oils and evenly distribute them from root to tip.   Horsehair bristles are beneficial for men with short beards, while boar bristles work well for men with all types of beards. 

In Closing

 In closing, how you choose to care for your beard will greatly depend on the needs of your skin, your temperamental facial hairs, and your specific set of beard goals. The good news is that caring for your beard does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming task to achieve powerful results. All you need is a ritual and a collection of high-quality beard care products.  Are you ready to get started? Visit JC Grooming’s shop today to place your order.

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