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Spring Beard Style Guide – Top 4 Styles

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As crazy as it sounds, Spring is just around the corner. Despite the below freezing temperatures, we’re actually only a month away from the spring and that means you need to start planning your fresh spring style update.

The change of the seasons doesn’t mean you need a whole new wardrobe and sense of style, but it can be a great time to switch things up, try something you’ve never done before and make things interesting. Today we’re going to share the 4 beard styles we think you should try this spring to change up your look. If you already rock one of these, feelfree to get adventurous and mix it up a bit! After all, beards always grow back.


This can be a great style to sport if you already have a beard and want to change things up full circle, or if you’re new to a beard and want to dip your toes in. This style is great because it is widely accepted from the runway to the office and is versatile enough to fit with all style choices.

This style will suit just about everyone, but if you’re a guy with a less mature looking face (read: babyface) this style can really add some years to your look and make you look rugged and mature.

How to Maintain

Stubble is easy to care for, but definitely not maintenance-free. It requires regular trimming at about a 3-4mm length using a beard trimmer, and shaving of the cheeks and neckline to keep it looking clean. You should also be sure to have plenty of beard oil handy to keep the skin nourished, the hair soft and the ingrowns at bay.

The Beardstache

This one is just a step above he stubble in terms of maintenance and time to grow. Essentially, the way the beardstache is achieved is by growing a thick mustache and allowing the rest of the beard to fill in to the stubble length. This style is a bit trendier and will stand out more than the stubble.

The beardstache suits anyone with a thick mustache and full stubble. If you’re not able to grow a thick stache or have patchy cheeks, it will be tough to achieve the desired look. This style also looks best with men with a prominent chin and jawline.

How to Maintain:

This style has just about the same maintenance as the stubble but with the added options for the stache. So you should continue trimming your beard with the trimmer, and use scissors to keep the stache clean and even. Mustache wax is a great product to take control of the shape and style of your stache, and a mustache comb can be a great sidekick here.

The Short Beard

The short beard is similar to a full beard, but a bit shorter. It’s typically around 1” in length and has a full appearance through the cheeks and stache. The key with the shorter beard is to trim it regularly to keep everything uniform and maintain the length, as it can wild fairly easily. This look is very popular and can ramp up just about any style from joggers and a t shirt to a suit and tie.

How to Maintain

The short beard is simple to maintain but requires a bit more effort than the other styles. A good beard oil will keep the hair and skin healthy and a  beard balm will keep everything nicely styled. A boar’s bristle brush and wooden comb will help keep everything styled and healthy as well.

Full Beard

The full beard is the king of beard styles. It’s hugely popular right now and gives a man that rugged masculine look he might desire. They are classified by their full look and full coverage of the face while extending at least 2” from the chin. The benefit to a full beard is they can be trimmed to suit any face shape and even change the appearance of your face shape. They can elongate round faces or add fullness to an oval face.

How to Maintain

The full beard comes with the full spectrum of maintenance. The bare essentials would include a beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter (check out our organic set here). A beard wash or soap will help keep it clean and free of germs. From there, you should look at investing in a nice wooden beard comb and boar bristle brush. From there feel free to experiment and explore new products to perfect your beard care routine.

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