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4 Best Beard Health Tips for Colder Months

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We all enjoyed the care-free days of summer and having a glorious beard despite the heat. By now you have felt the Autumn is creeping in – this change in season requires a change in your grooming routine. The drop-in humidity and cold wind can dry out your beard and skin, turning that amazing beard into a wiry mess.

Keep up your routine grooming and add a bit of extra care to keep your beard healthy and looking great. Here are JC Grooming’s 6 must-dos when it comes to beard care in the Autumn.

Have the Right Equipment

You don’t need hundreds of items and a small room to hold your grooming supplies. A few basic, simple items is all you need to care for your beard.

A dedicated set of trimming scissors along with a natural comb is essential along with an organic beard oil and butter combo.

Be sure to use only beard products with no artificial ingredients. Artificial products in your beard attract dust and are less effective at protecting from the cold moisture in the air. These ingredients will typically include Silicone, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Parabens.

All of JC Grooming’s products are hand-made using natural and organic ingredients, which makes it simple to keep your beard healthy and protected from the elements.

Keep it maintained

I know it’s obvious and we hate to point it out, but don’t forget your grooming routine. Now more than ever you need to give your beard the care it deserves. Remember to keep it combed – just this simple action keeps your beard growing in the right direction and stimulates the follicles. A beard brush can go a long way to help exfoliate and dry skin that’s flaked off in the cold winter air, as well as stimulate the blood flow under the skin.

Also, don’t be scared to give it a trim. We understand you want a long, thick beard to protect your face from the wind but don’t be afraid. You don’t have to cut it short – cutting even just half a centimeter of hair promotes healthy growth and prevents split ends. If you need some help giving yourself a trim, see our video guide for a full run-down.

Use Shampoo and Conditioner

Your beard needs as much care as the hair on your head if not more. As the temperature drops, it can be tempting to skip properly shampooing and conditioning your beard before the wind hits your face.

Be sure not to over shampoo. Shampoos strip out your beards natural oils, which you need more of to protect your heard in cold weather. For most guys, 1-2 times per week is enough to keep it clean and healthy. Keep an eye on your routine and decide if your beard is typically going to need more washing (if you work outside, spend time by a bonfire, workout daily, etc.). If this is your case, washing more frequently is inevitable but

Conditioner on the other hand, can be used more liberally. It encourages healthier follicles, and keeps the hair soft and smooth.

Cover it Up

If it is a particularly windy day, or you decide to take the motorbike out for a spin, keep your beard wrapped up with a scarf or tucked down in your hood. The wind will dry out your skin, which can damage your hair or even result in hair loss.

Beard Oil and Balm

After your shower, always apply a few drops of beard oil. Organic beard oil protects your hair from low temperatures and insulates the follicles. Follow this up with some Beard Balm and your beard is going to look amazing no matter the weather. 

We all use and recommend Komorebi in the new season. 

JC Grooming’s Komorebi Beard Butter is 100% natural and contains organic beeswax (Organic Cera Alba), which acts like a shield to protect your hair.

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