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4 Reasons to Use a Boar Hair Beard Brush

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Every beardsman knows it’s all about the tools of the trade. Having the right equipment and products can make or break your beard growth. If you opt to go au-naturale without beard oils, balms, butters, and conditioners, you do so at the risk of a brittle beard prone to breakage, split ends, and even risk the skin beneath. But did you know that even with these products, you could still be neglecting your beard? That’s right, these products are a fantastic way to care for your beard, and alone should be plenty to keep you healthy. But if you REALLY want to get serious about your beard, you’ll want to see what a 100% boar’s hair beard brush like this one can do for you.

Its Longer Bristles Prevent Over-Brushing

If you’ve ever used a lady’s brush to brush your beard, you know it can be great for straightening, organizing and detangling your beard hairs. A boar’s hair brush has longer bristles than a traditional brush, which can actually reduce the amount of time and the number of brush strokes it takes to achieve your desired style. This may sound like something small, but this means less tampering with your beard, less pulling on hair, and less potential beard hairs lost to the graveyard of beard hairs that have been lost somewhere in the drain.

It Distributes Oils Evenly

A boar’s hair beard brush has a unique ability over all synthetic and plastic brushes and combs in that it can actually absorb the oils on your skin. This has so many beneficial effects for the hair and skin that it really should be the number one reason everyone should have one. Your beard has a combination of oils that come from your sebaceous glands (the glands in your skin that produce oils) and beard products. These oils can build up over time and even clog some pores. A boar’s hair beard brush is able to pick these up and redistribute them over the entire shaft of the hair follicle and massage them into your skin. This keeps your skin’s oil levels at a reasonable amount while coating every single beard hair in precious oils to protect them from the elements and keep them extra moisturized.

Because a boar’s hair beard brush picks up the oils and absorbs them into the bristles, over time it will become saturated with healthy oils and will actually be able to replenish the oils on your skin and hair without having to reapply beard oils! A little booster every few hours will really keep your beard in shape and feeling great.

Finally, the boar’s hair brush will allow you to encourage deeper penetration and absorption of your beard oils. When you apply a beard oil and follow it up with a beard brush, you’re gently massaging the oils deep into your skin which allows for a much better absorption rate and much better efficacy of your oils and balms.

It Trains Hair Growth

This is a huge benefit for you gentlemen with a shorter beard or that are new to the beard growing process. If you follow beard-related forums, you’ll see that the most common question aside from “I’m two weeks in, should I keep going?” is how to deal with beard hairs growing in different directions. A boar’s hair beard brush will gently guide the hairs in a particular direction and help them stay there. OVer time this will actually train them to grow in that direction, or at least lessen the fight against keeping them there. This is great for gentlemen new to the beard growth process, as it will save them trouble down the line.

It Exfoliates the Skin and Promotes Hair Growth

If you’ve read our other content, you know that we are huge on taking care of the skin beneath your beard just as much if not more than your beard. After all, you can always shave an unhealthy beard, but the skin beneath is there to stay. A boar’s hair beard brush does an excellent job at exfoliating the skin gently, which will get rid of any dead cells that would soon be flaking away. The stimulation from massaging the skin also increases blood flow, which can actually promote healthier hair growth leading to a fuller, healthier, happier beard.

A boar’s hair beard brush is one of the most overlooked yet essential tools a beardsman can have at his disposal. If not for one of the reasons above, you should have one to whip out in front of your non-bearded friends to further their beard envy. Seriously, they’re really cool and feel great to use.

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