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Natural ways to increase beard growth- Natural ways For Beard Growth

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Growing a beard is a big change in your lifestyle, it takes care and attention to keep that mane looking awesome every day. But first you have to have hair there in the first place.To keep your beard growing at the optimum level, you have to make sure your body is running optimally too.

The main thing to keep in mind is that a healthy body means fast beard growth. Some things affect your beard more that others, and some of us look past this. In this article we are going to go through how your body can naturally speed up beard growth if you take care of it right.

Manage Stress

Less stress equals better body health, better body health further promotes better hair growth. Your beard and hair will grow more quickly when you are relaxed. The condition of your hair is an easy way to reveal stress so you should take steps to stay relaxed.

This all may sound obvious, but a life with less stress is beneficial all round. It is one of the main contributing factors to hair loss and the affects of age.

Be Reasonable

Everyone is different, and not everyone can grow a beard overnight. Some of us may get patchy spots or grey hairs. It’s impossible to wake up with a fully fledged beard so The solution is to be patient.

Everyone’s beard grows in a different way. Always accentuate the strengths and hide the weak spots. There are hundreds of beard styles out there, so we recommend picking one that suits your face shape and the strengths of how your beard grows.

If you need some ideas, see our guide to the 4 most popular beard styles here.


Ever wonder why they call a massive beard the Lumberjack style? All that exercise give your body a boost of serotonin and testosterone, which directly affects how big and thick your beard grows in.

Regular workouts are pretty much essential to your physical and mental health – the impact it has on stress and fitness promotes your body to speed up beard growth and keep it healthy.


You should also introduce a healthy diet to further encourage better facial hair growth, eat more foods like nuts, raisins, eggs, potatoes and red meats, these such items will better your beard game, bar none.

Protein gives your body the right nutrients to grow more hair, and sleep is the necessary time to put it all into place. Even drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help keep the growth thick and healthy.

We take this step seriously, as should everyone. They say a healthy body starts in the kitchen and we believe this. So much so, we have written a guide on how to do just that. You can read it here.


A lot of us like a beer after work, and it can happen where we wake up in the morning a little worse for wear. Like with anything, too much of it is normally bad. Too much alcohol dehydrates us and can make your beard hair brittle and damaged. And all that booze saps our bodies zinc levels, stealing nutrients from your hair.

We don’t want to crash the party, but keeping things in moderation is something you should always keep in the back of your mind. Your body (and beard) will thank you for it.


Facial massage improves blood circulation to the face, which will stimulate new hair growth. This is best done through brushing with a natural wooden comb.

A lot of us here at JC Grooming carry a brush wherever we go. A quick minute or two accomplishing cleaning, moisturizing and improving the circulation to your skin – all three of which keep your body growing that beard quick.

Keep up trimming and grooming

Just because you are growing a beard doesn’t mean you never need to break out the razors again. It just means you do it in a different way. Rogue beard hairs can start to grow back against the skin, causing beard rash and stripping the skin of nutrients, so routinely trimming and cutting these hairs keeps your beard healthy.

Leaving your beard doing it’s own thing might seem like the way to go, but all this will do is make sure your beard doesn’t grow as fast as it should. No one wants a wispy, thin beard.

Once you have your beard started, keep it growing by keeping it in top condition. Of course you cant go wrong with a mix of beard oils, balms and butters. This will keep it healthy and encourage growth. It will also make it smell great.

We hope you have gained a bit of insight into how your body affects the growth of your beard. But remember all of these tips have great effects on your body, too, so there is no reason not to be using them.

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