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Skin Care for Bearded Men

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You’ve been growing a beard for a while, and you’ve been watching tons of videos on how to care for it and keep it healthy and fresh. You’ve got all your grooming products elegantly displayed on your shelf and you use them religiously. Your beard is healthier than ever and you’re feeling great. This is a great achievement!

But what about the rest of your face? If you were to shave your beard tomorrow, would you stop your routine and have nothing to show for the time and effort you’ve put in to take care of yourself? If you’re like most beardsmen, you take amazing care of the part of your face below your nose, and never do anything to care for the rest.

While it’s great that you’re caring for your beard, you’re only halfway there if you’re still neglecting the rest of your skin.

Why should you care for your skin?

Caring for your face is extremely important if you’d like to maintain a youthful healthy look into your late years. Keeping your face cleaned, exfoliated and moisturized will do wonders in keeping you looking young and healthy for many years to come. Now I’m not talking about regenerative creams and anti-aging products. Those are a whole other story and probably a little excessive for most use cases. So for today’s purposes we’re just going to go over the essentials and a couple other things you can do to keep yourself in good shape.

The Essentials

These essentials will give you a quick, well-rounded skin care routine that will make you look and feel incredibly healthy in the face. You can usually find complete sets

Face wash

Face wash is the most basic of skin care products that men should be using regularly. You should find a wash that suits your skin type (oily, sensitive, dry, etc.) and use it daily if not twice a day. This will keep your skin and pores clear and clean, preventing all kinds of build up and acne.


Exfoliators are fantastic for making your skin visibly clearer and softer to the touch. They gently scrub away imperfections, dead skin cells and build up to create a fresh clean surface free of imperfections. These should be used once a week, but you can adjust this based on your needs.

Moisturizer (SPF)

Moisturizer is a key component to keeping your skin healthy (remind you of beard care products at all?) Just like with your beard, your skin on the rest of your face requires regulated moisture to keep it healthy and fresh. In the mornings you should use something with SPF to protect your face from the sun’s rays and prevent faster aging. In the evenings you can use a specialized night cream or a regular moisturizer.


A clay mask penetrates deep to clear up impurities in the skin, clean the pores and replenish a healthy shine to the skin. It also detoxes the skin to rejuvenate it and leave you looking amazing. A clay mask should be used once a week and can be used a bit more frequently if desired.

Optional products


Toner is definitely not necessary for everybody, but those who do need it will notice a huge difference by using it. Toner balances the oils in your skin to help prevent break outs and overly oily or dry skin. It’s also great for following up washing as it can pick up any dirt or grime left behind by the wash.


Serum has been increasing in popularity for men over the years, and it’s for good reason. It’s essentially an anti-aging cream that delivers active anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients to your skin. It penetrates deeper than most products so it can work from the inside out. Serum is great for those guys looking to go the extra mile and get the most out of their skin care routine.

Eye cream

This is a commonly overlooked step in a skin care routine but can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your skin. Under eye creams target dark circles and bags under your eyes and help tighten them up to give you a healthier more youthful appearance. Most people tend to look at your eyes so if you struggle with these issues, people will definitely notice the improvement.

In Conclusion

While skin care is really important, it’s mostly important to develop your routine around your needs and what you’re willing to spend (both time and money). A lengthy skin care routine may help you look better, but sticking to the basics will get you most of the way there and won’t cost a lot of money to incorporate into your life.

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