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Jack Scrimshire

Jack Scrimshire

The Boardroom Beard (Short Beard Style)

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Today I wanted to shed some light on and share some love for the men out there who choose (or are forced) to wear a shorter beard. At JC Grooming, we call this a “boardroom beard” as it is typically sported by a gentleman that works in a corporate office, though it can also be worn by others. A shorter beard is something not many beard lovers talk about, but sometimes a short beard can be a stronger expression of your sense of style than a longer beard. Today we’re going to talk about the boardroom beard, how to style, care for it, and what tools will help you sport the best boardroom beard in the office.

What is It?

The boardroom beard is a shorter style typically worn by those who work in an environment that frowns upon unkempt facial hair, and those who like to just add a little bit of depth to their face over clean shaven. A boardroom beard includes anything between the ranges of stubble to about ¾ of an inch. It is incredibly professional looking, and is acceptable in most environments (except for maybe the C-Suite).

Let’s be honest, longer, flowing beards are awesome, but they’re not for everyone. Every bearded man needs to respect the stubble as much as they respect the yeard. The boardroom beard is slightly conservative, while still erring on the side of wild. It gives enough of a “I didn’t care enough to shave this week” look while still saying “I still care enough to make it look intentional.” It is also great for the gentleman who frequently changes up his look and alternates between clean shaven and bearded for a fresh new look.

How To Style It

What is probably the best part of a boardroom beard is that it is incredibly easy to style. It has very few flyaways and disorganization of hairs, making it the easiest beard to maintain. That said, it does require a decent amount of fullness to keep it looking intentional, rather than screaming “I’m too lazy to shave.”

A boardroom beard should be brushed frequently to keep the hairs growing in the same direction and help train them to keep in place. It should also be shaped up multiple times a week (at least twice depending on growth rate). You should be trimming up your cheek lines and neck line every few days to make sure it keeps that intentional look. A straight razor is best for this, but a double-edged safety razor will do the trick. If you’re not into wet shaving, some cartridge razors have single-bladed back sides. Oh, and don’t shave your neck line right along your jawline. It doesn’t work.

How To Care For It

The boardroom beard is low maintenance in the sense that you’re not prone to bad habits such as biting, pulling, and twisting like a longer beard and you don’t have to worry about flyaways, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to care for it daily. Boardroom beards are exceptionally prone to itching, as the hairs are just long enough to curve back onto your skin and irritate it.

The best routine for styling is very simple. Every morning and evening, you should apply 4-6 drops of beard oil to soften the hairs and prevent itching, while moisturizing the skin beneath. If you like to mold it a bit and keep it in line, or if it’s more on the ¾ inch side, throw in some beard butter in the mornings. If you have a particularly dry or itchy day, go ahead and apply beard butter at night. A boar bristle brush is a must for helping the oils and butter penetrate deep and keeping the hairs aligned. For a breakdown on the benefits of a boar bristle brush, click here. Finally, use a set of beard trimmers to keep it all an even length 1-2 times a week. That’s all there is to it! A few minutes a day will get you the best looking beard in the office.

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