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The Ultimate Honey DIY Beard Mask

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I know, I know this probably sounds outlandish. But you clicked and got this far so you might as well give it a chance. Today I’m going to teach you my best-kept secret in DIY beard care (until now): the honey beard mask.

What is It?

The honey beard mask is a thick coating of 2 simple ingredients that sits on your beard and nourishes and conditions the hair and skin. With 10-20 minutes of leaving it on, your beard will feel like it never has before.

But why honey?

This recipe is actually adopted from a very popular hair mask that women use to keep their hair soft and shiny and strong. All we’re doing here today is adding a bit more honey and putting it on the bottom of our faces (but you can always put it up top, too). 

Honey is amazing for the hair. It has moisturizing properties and will help make your hair stronger, softer, shinier and healthier all around. So enough chatter, let’s get into it. 

Here’s What You Need:


  • Small bowl
  • Tablespoon
  • Choice of carrier oil(s) or beard oil
  • Raw honey

How it’s done

  1. Mix 1 part oil and 1 part honey, about 1 oz each. You can heat it up for 20 seconds or so to help it mix better
  2. Mix oil and honey with a spoon
  3. Apply to beard down to skin and massage for 30 seconds
  4. Optional: Hang the handles of a plastic shopping bag over your ears and under your beard to trap heat
  5. Leave on beard for 20 minutes and rinse out with warm water

This simple, quick treatment will absolutely transform your beard if done regularly (twice per month or as needed). It will feel weird the first time but once you see the way your beard feels you’ll never question it again. 

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