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Top 5 Uses for Beard Butter

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In the men’s grooming world, there are tons of products that claim to boost the health of your hair, beard, and skin in a very specific way. But for those of us that prefer a minimalistic approach and like to have a single product that can tackle it all, there just aren’t many products out there. Enter Beard Butter.

Beard butter is a conditioning product for the beard. But don’t let the name fool you! While its name says it’s for the beard, the truth is it truly can be used for any kind of moisturizing and conditioning anywhere on the body. It typically contains a blend of natural oils and some kind of a butter to give it a solid consistency. Our butter also has just a touch of beeswax which makes it even more versatile than one without.

Today we’re going to break down our top 5 favorite uses for beard butter so that you can start using yours to its full potential!

Beard Conditioner

This one is a little obvious, but it deserves to be included. Our beard butter is formulated with a unique blend of oils paired with organic shea butter and a touch of beeswax that creates a deep conditioning effect for the beard and the skin underneath. It’s specifically formulated to absorb completely and fully, protect the hair and skin from the elements and leave your beard feeling soft and refreshed.


Scoop a small amount out of the jar and warm in hands to emulsify. Apply generously to beard and skin. Follow with boar’s hair bristle brush to distribute evenly and style the beard.

Hair & Beard Mask

Because our butter has such amazing conditioning properties it can be used on the hair or beard to create a hair mask effect that will soak in overnight and leave your hair and beard feeling nourished and refreshed when the sun comes up.


Scoop and emulsify a generous amount of butter from the jar. Apply to the hair and beard and the scalp and skin underneath. Complete application with a boar’s hair bristle brush to ensure even coverage. Do not be afraid to go overboard here – too much is never too much. Leave the butter in overnight or for a few hours and wash out the following morning.

Shaving Lubricant

The viscosity of our beard butter makes it a fantastic lubricant for shaving. It’s moist enough to allow your razor to glide evenly over the skin, but not so thin as to allow the razor to slip. It’s perfect for lining up your beard since you can achieve accurate strokes.


Wet face with warm water to open pores and soften hairs for shaving. It helps to do this in the shower or with a hot towel. Warm up beard butter in your hands and generously apply to skin on the desired shaving areas and begin your luxurious shave.

Tattoo Balm

Tattoo lovers know that healthy skin is the key to a great looking tattoo. The more moisture you keep in your skin, the longer your tattoos will pop and keep looking like you just got them. Our beard butter is an excellent skin moisturizer and when applied to tattoos will give them that nice natural sheen and a beautiful pop of color. Colors will be brighter and black/navy lines will be darker to give your tattoo that beautiful display of colors everyone desires.


Scoop butter from the container and emulsify in your hands. Generously rub into the tattooed areas and stare in awe at the beautiful clarity of your tats!

*Please note: Our beard butter is not intended for brand new, healing tattoos. Please follow your tattoo professional’s advice for care. They are qualified to give instructions for tattoo healing and our products are not intended for such purposes. 

Dry Skin Care

If you haven’t noticed the theme here, it’s that our butters are fantastic for just about anything hair and skin related. And that applies to all of your skin. Our butters can be used to moisturize anywhere you have dry, irritated or cracking skin. Rub it into your hands, feet and elbows to treat dry cracking skin, or simply use it as a lip balm.

If you haven’t given our beard butters a try yet, you’re certainly missing out. Feel free to experiment and keep some everywhere you spend time so you’re never missing out on moisture. The list of uses truly goes on and on, but I hope this has given you a good sense of how versatile these butters are to help you step up your grooming routine to the next level.

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