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Use of Beard Oil – Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

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Beard Oil. It’s everywhere these days. If you are reading this, then you have seen JC Grooming’s natural, organic beard oils used by men all over the world. We put a ton of care and love into our products. Beard oil is just good, there’s no doubt about it. But why? Getting the combination of Nutritional ingredients and fantastic scents took us years of research – so we feel that we know why beard oil is so great, and why you should be using it.

Many men dream of having a soft, healthy mane on their faces. However, the fail rate is high. After a few weeks of growth, your beard can be patchy, brittle and just plain unsightly on your face. It’s at this point many men give up. Patience is key, of course, but the difference between men who use beard oil an those who don’t is like night and day.

There are a wide range of benefits you only get with beard oil.

Beard oil is Versatile

Some beard balms and butters are suited more for full-grown beards or those of us with a particular style. Beard oil, however, can be used by everyone. It can nourish, moisturize and help itchiness any kind of beard or mustache. From the lumberjacks all the way to men graduating out of stubble.


Beard oil is a moisturizer that can penetrate beneath your hair to also work as part of your moisturizing skincare routine.

This word is thrown around in commercials, print ads and anywhere else men’s grooming is promoted. Moisturizing is something we usually associate with skincare or any of the hundreds of women’s products that purport to moisturize better than the rest. The truth is that your beard needs moisturizing, as does your manly skin.

When your skin dries out, your beard hair will grow in patches, be itchy and just look bad. Having healthy, moisturized skin makes your beard grows faster and avoids any dreaded “beardruff”. Well maintained skin creates the optimal conditions for hair to grow in evenly.

A premium, organic beard oil moisturizes your skin and beard with quite literally zero downsides. There’s no reason not to have beard oil in your grooming routine.

Keep it styled

If you are rocking the full lumberjack style of facial hair, then complete styling should be obtained through beard butter. But beard oil is a great groundwork, even more so for those of us with shorter beards.

Any beard oil that prioritizes styling and shaping can be full of harmful ingredients. Natural, organic-based oil can quickly add style to your beard and keep it growing in the right direction.

Helps with beard maintenance

When your beard isn’t maintained properly, you have to get trims for frequently. If you’re desperate for the perfect beard, you may even end up spending loads of money on products that you don’t even need! By using beard oil, your beard will stay moisturized and it will grow fuller quicker. No need to spend extra time shaving, trimming, or standing in front of the mirror and begging it to grow!

Prevents acne

Beard acne occurs when pores are blocked due to clogged skin follicles. While it may seem counterproductive to combat acne with oil, it’s actually the most effective way to reduce acne- for anyone! By applying high-quality beard oil, which is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, the oil can help cleanse your skin thoroughly. When the oil is applied to acne-prone skin, it can help regulate oil production and prevent the overproduction of oil, which leads to acne in the first place.

Keeps you smelling good

Who doesn’t want to smell amazing? This is especially useful as your beard can pick up food and dirt all day long, maybe making a bit of a stink during the day. Beard oil isn’t good just for your health, but also for how you smell and how others perceive you.

Here at JC Grooming we believe in quality over quantity. Our years in beard grooming have led us to three different smells you can choose from. 

1. Komorebi – An infusion of peppermint, tea tree, and sweet orange oils.
2. Trouvaille – Cedarwood and frankincense essential oils form the Trouvaille fragrance.
3. Zeyphr – It’s a little piece of summer, sticking by you until the day is through.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t require any work to grow the perfect beard? Many men dream of just waking up one day and having the perfectly manicured beard of their dreams. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. That’s why beard oil is something we recommend you use – just like we use it every day.

All of our beard oils are made from 100% organic and natural ingredients, with nothing synthetic or things you can’t pronounce. Simple, premium and made for gentlemen – just like everything at JC Grooming. We hand-make all our oils and ship anywhere in the U.S.A for free – add that to our money-back guarantee and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using beard oils today.

  • If you want to try JC Grooming Beard Oils or need to restock your supply, check out the product page on our store here. As always, your order comes with free shipping in the U.S.A and includes a handwritten note from all of us here to you.
  • If you ever have any questions all you have to do is email us or reach out on social media, we love to answer your queries.
  • If you have never used Beard Butter before, we made a straight-forward video on the best way to do it. You can see it on our Youtube page

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  1. To tell you the truth, the regular Dove bar soap does a better job. I tried this because of the manly packaging and marketing. “Aqua Impact” sounds more macho than the standard “beauty bar with deep moisturizing”. Will I buy it again? When I was shopping came across this brand blackwood for men. Only tried it because the bottle looked cool but it helped me prevent a lot of hair thinning (check on google. You can find them at Costco)

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