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Best Beard Butter – What does Beard Butter do?

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Beard Butter falls somewhere in the middle of beard oil and beard balm. It shares similar benefits to the other two beard care products resulting in most men opt for oil or balm-only beard grooming routines. However, beard butter is an important part of beard care.

So what is beard butter? Beard butter is a lotion that acts as a beard conditioner and moisturizer with added styling benefits. As the name implies, it has a thicker texture than liquid lotion, making beard care application simple. At their base, beard butter is usually made from solid fats, then further enriched by carrier oils, essential oils, and wax.  

We love beard butter and believe they are great products. So, continue reading to check out what beard butter is, consider the benefits of this fantastic beard care product, and trust us, you will be adding it to your beard care wishlist very soon! 

What is beard butter made from?


Beard butter contains four-ingredient bases. These are:

  • Solid Fats – This is the base of any balm or butter and gives it a consistency perfect for absorbing into the hair follicle and giving hold. Some examples of these solid fat bases are shea butter, coconut butter, or cocoa butter.
  • Carrier Oils – This moisturizes the butter. It gives the beard butter texture to be spread and enveloped by your facial hair. Examples of common carrier oils include coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. 
  • Wax – Let you control your beard shape. Natural waxes such as beeswax are most common. 
  • Essential Oils – Add nourishment and provide the scent. Some common natural oils include tea tree oil, citrus essential oils, sandalwood oil, and vitamin e oils.

With so many combinations, there are countless ways to make beard butters. The best beard butters:

  • Use 100% natural ingredient
  • Use Organic ingredients
  • Use natural oils 
  • Are formulated through research
  • Are tested and tried beard care products

Best US-Made Beard Butter

Beard Butter Benefits

Prevents “beardruff”

One of the most common and pervasive problems we have all dealt with is beardruff. Beardruff is where your skin is too dry and starts to flake, similar to common dandruff. The same way your head hair needs moisturizing so does your beard. In many cases, your beard needs hydrating more so, as your beard takes the brunt of cold temperature and winds.

The most straightforward way to prevent this is to use beard butter. It deeply moisturizes your beard and the layers of skin underneath. The natural beeswax in the beard butter creates a protective layer around your facial hair that prevents moisture from escaping and shields your skin from drying out in the wind.

Stops Itchy Beards

Like beardruff, we guarantee you will get bouts of beard itch, mainly in the early beard growth stages rather than maintenance.  The essential oils in beard butter are a sure-fire way to ease that sensation. Furthermore, beard butter is the perfect partner to fortify that nourishment and make sure you aren’t scratching your skin raw.

Protects From The Cold

Using good beard butter in the morning is like wrapping up your beard in a coat when you are outside, so it doesn’t flyaway in the wind. Humidity, cold wind, sun, UV Rays, and all of the elements can wreak havoc with your beard stripping it of moisture, protein and making it look dry and scraggly.

Applying butter acts as a shield. The combination of beeswax and carrier oils protects each hair follicle and protects against dirt and dust. The added moisture locks in shape and prevents the hair from tangling and falling out.

Adds Volume and Shape

Like using hair products, beard butter gives your beard volume and lets you shape your beard into the style you want. The solid fats, carrier oils, and waxes add depth and thickness to your hair and keep hair growth in the right direction. It is best to apply beard butter right after beard wash or shower, as the moisture is locked in for a medium hold. You can apply beard butter to dry the beard for a light hold.

Styling Application 

Of course, beard wax is the best beard styling product for a strong, long-lasting, and defined beard look, but we swear by a combination of wax and balm for the best styling effect. The mixture of beeswax into bear butter allows moisture and rigidity giving your beard or mustache a firm hold while softens beard feel and natural appearance. 

Improves Beard Hair Health 

The fats, carrier oils, waxes, and essential oils do nothing but amazing things for your facial hair. Ingredients like mango butter, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil hydrate your beard hair, making it healthier inside and out. The boost to the color and vibrancy of your beard is noticeable instantly, along with smelling fantastic.

How To Use Beard Butter?

For best beard butter results, we always recommend applying beard butter after a shower.

Using beard butteris easy. Follow these six simple steps to apply your beard butter like a pro:

  1. Scoop a small amount of beard butter, just enough to fit on the end of your index finger, from the container.
  2. Rub the butter into both hands for an even spread. 
  3. Rub it into your beard and face. Ensure you’re reaching deep beneath your beard onto the surface of your skin and your hair follicles. 
  4. Use a beard brush or comb, spreading the beard butter constantly throughout your beard hair, reaching even the tips. 
  5. Use the beard comb to style as so desired, and make sure to leave-in the beard butter.
  6. Wash your hands after styling, and you and your beard are ready to go!

Professional Quality Beard Butter

JC Grooming Trouvaille Beard Butter

JC Grooming Best Beard Butter 

At JC Grooming, we only work with the best organic ingredients to ensure you can get a healthier-looking beard.  All our products are made in the USA, and quality is at the forefront of what we offer.

All of the JC Grooming butter range contains four types of ingredients. These are:

  • Solid Fats – The base of our butter is made from Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), perfect for absorbing into the hair follicle, giving hold, and acts as a conditioner. 
  • Organic Carrier Oils – We use Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Amla Oil balances, moisturize the butter, and give it the texture to be spread and enveloped by your facial hair.
  • Organic BeesWax – Our Organic Cera Alba wax gives you optimum styling control of your beard’s shape.
  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils – Add nourishment and Fragrance

At JC Grooming, we have perfected our five signature scents into our beard butter form – Zephyr, Trouvaille, Declive, Komorebi, Neutro. 

I hope you have learned some insights on how beard balm works specifically for your mane. It truly is a must-have in any beard grooming routine.

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