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Why should I grow a beard?

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Having a beard is good. That’s why we are here, reading this. From a bit of bristle to looking like a lumberjack, it feels good to have a beard.

In addition to looking great, beards are a naturally good thing to do for your body. It’s the reason your body grows a beard in the first place.

Protection from the elements

Beards act like a cover for your skin, a well-maintained mane blocks UV rays from harming your face, This protection prevents types of common cancers, usually caused by sun exposure to the face.

During the winter months, your beard blocks the wind and cold air damaging your skin. A healthy beard is a barrier between your skin and what you are walking around in every day.

Beards can add an extra layer of protection from infections. While bacteria naturally exist on the skin, shaving can create openings that bring in the bacteria and lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Not shaving can also reduce acne flare-ups.

Better Skin

Leaving that beard hair growth doesn’t hide any skin blemishes, it stops them from happening in the first place. That constant agitation from the razor doesn’t do your skin any favors.

Not to mention that a beard shields your face from buildups of dirt and grime. A thick beard protects the face from wind exposure, which leads to redness and dryness (just in case you were planning your next high-altitude climb).

Fewer Wrinkles

Another side-effect of having less exposure to the sun is that you get less wrinkles. While the option to protect the face from wrinkles by using a beard is not open to everyone, those who do have the opportunity to take advantage of this beauty benefit should get on board and start growing their beards right now.

Natural Moisturization

Your body is more automatic than you think. Every part of your body reacts to the environment. That’s why your body naturally moisturizes itself. A healthy diet and exercise boost what your body can produce – but a well-maintained beard protects these natural oils and keeps you rubbing it off throughout the day.

Shaving opens up the pores in your skin and can also cause cuts on your face that will dry out your skin over time. In the summer and winter, exposed pores create a situation where your skin loses its moisture and can start to flake. When you have a beard, you avoid all of these issues and keep your skin nice and healthy.


The hairs on your body stop allergens irritating the skin or body. As you can imagine, a beard is a perfect protection for your face. The more hair you have, the more pollutants you’re snaring every day – so keep your beard routinely groomed and filtered.

Facial hair can help keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth, which assists in protecting your throat. The effectiveness of the beard has been well documented for decades.

We hope you enjoyed reading, and we wish you all the luck raking in the benefits of having a healthy mane. If you have any questions or want to get more info, take a look at our Facebook or Instagram pages where we post tips and helpful info every day.

That is part of the reason why JC Grooming was created. Everything in our line of beard products is 100% natural. We use only organic ingredients carefully crafted to clean, strengthen and encourage steady beard growth.

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