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5 Best Face Masks for Beards

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Today we’re talking about the best face masks for bearded men. States and countries worldwide are imposing mask mandates, but what do these mandates mean for your beard?

Back in February of 2020, there was a lot of talk about whether shaving beards was the best option for men versus trying to wear a mask over them in public.

Since that time, organizations like the Center for Disease Control have come forward to provide the Beard Community with a bit of clarification. Unless you are engaged in providing healthcare to patients with the virus, most experts do not see a need to shave your beard. However, they agree that it is vital to find an extra-large mask that can accommodate your face and beard.

Unless you are in the medical profession, guys everywhere most likely could not have ever predicted that they would have to deal with the concept of locating a face mask that could accommodate their face and beard.

Donning a face mask to keep you and others around you is not a simple task and wearing one is not without its challenges for your beard.

Common Side Effects of Wearing a Face Mask for Your Beard

Many guys are looking to do the right thing and adhere to guidelines, but finding the best mask for beards is no easy chore.

Beard Sweat

Wearing a mask helps to heat up your chin and face area due in part to your natural body heat and the hot air you are naturally blowing while in conversation. Beard sweat is a real problem for guys who wear their masks for an extended period each day.


Some masks are plain ill-fitting. They are a shifty piece of wardrobe. Some masks fall down while others have a tendency to ride sideways or up. Other types of masks irritate your ears, and while others possess straps that rub that area behind your ears, triggering a nasty itch or even pain.

Beard Dents

Another side effect of wearing a mask that isn’t designed to accommodate your beard is beard dents that mimic the mask’s shape. All of that grooming simply goes out the window, and tangles can take hold in longer beards.

Beard Oil Theft

Some masks absorb your beard oil, which can be a little frustrating for the guy trying to establish moisture, a softer texture, or trying to manage a beard with split ends.

Protecting Yourself and Your Beard with a Proper Fitting Face Mask

Let’s face it, guys, the cons can seem daunting for the man looking to do the right thing and comply with mandates. If you are not clear about what you should be looking for in a mask, you could set yourself up for failure.

Here are a few key characteristics that you should be looking for in a mask for guys with beards.

No Gaps

Ideally, you want to select a mask that doesn’t leave any gaps. Your aim is to wear a mask that does not allow germs into the mask or out. According to an article published by The Manual, your mask should fit around your cheekbone structure and jaw and have enough fabric on the side to prevent air from escaping.

Choose a Mask that is 100% Cotton

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that when wearing masks made of material, they should be made of 100% cotton. This material is currently recognized as being the one that provides the best protection.

Best Face Masks for Beards

Don’t worry; if none of the proposals above jives with your beard goals, you will be pleased to know that beard masks are slowly starting to make their presence known in the mask arena. We have done a little homework to help you get started in building an arsenal of beard-friendly masks.

JC Grooming Masks for All Size Beards

Our handcrafted beard masks are designed to keep you and those around you protected and healthy while keeping your beard looking sharp. Say goodbye to beard dents, wild hairs, and excess moisture caused by poorly-fitting non-breathable face masks.

Our masks are handcrafted using high-quality cotton for the outer layer as well as a moisture-wicking mesh interior layer. This gives the mask breathability and a silky smooth feel. They are light and breathable yet completely protective and they have an adjustable nose wire and earloops to ensure a perfect fit. The 9″ variant (pictured below) even has a beard pocket to fit a longer beard into the mask and the center seam keeps the mask from collapsing into the mouth when you’re talking.

Overall our mask offers superior comfort throughout the whole day. Get yours now by following this link.

 Best Face Masks for Beards

Beard Bro Face Masks for Small or Big Beards

Beard Bro Face offers a line of cloth face and beard masks designed for men who need a bit more room in their mask to accommodate a thick or long beard. Beard Bro Face Mask provides protection for your face and beard using two layers of fabric and adjustable elastic earloops to ensure a perfect fit. Not a fan of mask breath? Beard Bro’s package includes a fresh mask mint spray that helps to eliminate mask breath for hours at a time.

Beard Bro Face Mask for Beard

Purian Face Mask for Men with Beards

Purian Face Masks for Men with Beards boasts a product designed to secure the top and bottom of the beard and purposefully allow room for facial hair. It hosts a triple-layer cotton filtration system that features an antimicrobial layer of cotton fabric to protect you from the elements. This mask is reusable and designed for long-term wear and use.

Puriaan Face Mask for Beard

Face and Beard Protection Cover Mask for Bearded Men by Miracle Be Who You Are

Etsy has a lot of sellers out there who provide masks for men with beards. One of those sellers goes by the name of Miracle be Who You Are. This mask offers a wire for the nose so that you can adjust the cover to better fit the shape of your face. It comes with a pocket for a filter insert. The maks is made of 100% cotton and is available in four colors, including black, navy blue, camouflage print, and tiger camo print.

You can adjust this mask using a plastic tightener, and when not in use, you can lower this mask around your neck. This seller is proud of there being no elastic band around the ears to cause pain or irritation.

This mask is available in various sizes and can accommodate guys with a big head and large beard or guys who perhaps have a smaller beard.

Unhinged Labs Beard Face Masks

Unhinged Labs is winning high marks for their beard face masks. These masks are 100% cotton per CDC recommendations and come with a transparent, acrylic support side piece and rear connector that allows adjustments to accommodate your facial shape and beard length and thickness. The mask is designed to enable the use of filters.

Buyers give this mask high ratings for its comfort, quality, and adherence to your face.

Photo by Unhinged Labs

Fitted Beard-Friend Mask by Craft Design by Vanessa

Craft Design by Vanessa is scoring high ratings for masks that are available in large and extra-large sizes. It has two layers of fabric, which allows for a filter pocket that gives you the option for additional filtration and protection against the virus. These masks exceed the size of your average face mask. They are made of 100% cotton and reusable.

Photo by CraftDesignbyVanessa

Caring for Your Beard While Wearing Face Masks

Your beard may be hiding out behind your mask these days, but that is not an excuse to neglect your skincare or beard care regimen. Keep your beard and skin well-moisturized to avoid dryness or skin irritation. Your mask may inadvertently absorb some of your beard oil, beard balm, or beard butter during wear. Continue to follow your beard care routine. Keep an eye on how well your beard responds to your current regimen. Ideally, you are looking for dryness or skin eruptions.
Dry beards can trigger a nasty round of beard itch and irritation if you are not careful.

Here are a few additional tips to consider as you navigate this new sphere of wearing masks over your beard.

Adjust Your Beard Wash Schedule as Needed

Monitor your beard’s level of sweat and product build-up. You will need to ensure that you are regularly using your beard wash for proper exfoliation of your face and cleansing of your beard. Examine your skin and beard closely to determine if there is a need to increase or decrease the frequency in which you are using your beard wash.

Make Sure that Beard Is Dry Before…

Before donning your mask for an outing, make every effort to ensure your beard is dry. Now that your beard and skin will be confined to a dark space with limited oxygen, skin problems can arise. Moisture is essential, but without 100% exposure to the free air, your damp beard and skin can become a breeding ground for skin issues.

When using beard oil, aim to apply it several minutes before putting on your mask. Beard oils like JC Groomings Komorebi Beard Oil are an excellent option for guys in a hurry because this oil has the right blend of ingredients to allow for fast absorption and avoidance of problems with oil residue in your mask.

Wash Your Beard Mask Regularly

You will want to keep your mask clean to avoid introducing nasty bacteria, fungus, and other gnarly elements that might try to build up in the fabric of your beard mask. Some members of the beard community recommend washing your mask daily. At a minimum, you should aim to wash your mask three times a week to reduce the risk of skin infection or irritation.

In Closing

In closing, there are a variety of masks in the marketplace today that may be able to accommodate your beard. You will want to ensure that you do not neglect your beard care regimen because your beard spends most of its hours or days behind a mask. Remember to practice good skin and beard care. Monitor your skin for any changes, and be sure to keep a clean mask handy.

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